Suggested Activities

We hope you enjoy these activities! Please share photos of your school in action, tagging @nhs_njhs or @NatStuCo and using #NSLW2019 so we can see them!

Let’s Go Viral!

There are many ways your chapter or council can participate in NSLW. Here’s one we’d like to suggest:

For this year’s NSLW challenge, we want you to post how you and your students are changing your community for the better on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #NSLW2019. (Photos and posts can be from any activity your chapter or council completed this academic year).

Then, tag three or more friends or other schools, and challenge them to share stories of how they are taking charge in their schools and communities and tag more leaders. (Think Ice Bucket challenge, only a little warmer). Throughout NSLW week, the NHS, NJHS, and NatStuCo social media platforms will share one post per day. Your post could be featured on a worldwide stage!

More Ways to Get Involved in NSLW


Awards Ceremony.
Recognize all student leaders who are involved in any leadership in your school; clubs, teams, etc. Schedule an awards ceremony, banquet, luncheon, or breakfast to honor students, advisers, and administrators for their work in student activities at your school. Record the event and post on social media using #NSLW2019.

Conduct elections for class and student body officers during NSLW; alternatively, install the newly elected officers if elections have been completed. In their campaign speech, ask the student leaders to express how they are “taking charge.”

Voter Registration Drives.
Host a “rock the vote” event at your school and encourage eligible classmates to register to vote, or participate in local voter registration drives in your community.

Community Leaders Event.
Invite prominent community members to address your group, focusing on the things they learned from being involved as student leaders in middle level or high school that they find useful now in their careers.

Taking Charge Flyers.
Post flyers including short “taking charge” profiles of student leaders in the halls and in classrooms. The short profiles (with headshot, name, school year) should include the theme “Student Leaders: Taking Charge” and a one- to two-sentence blurb about how the individual takes charge in their community. Ask for general student submissions during NSLW using this statement or a variation of it: “Tell us how YOU are taking charge.” Post as many as you can during NSLW and keep updating and adding profiles as long as you wish.

Positive Social Media Search.
Conduct a social or other media search to find positive messages and/or reports on taking charge as student leaders to tweet or post on social media. (This is also a good lesson on bringing people together using these channels.) Use #NSLW2019 when you post.

Student Poll.
Create and distribute a poll asking the student body the most important problem facing the community and seek their suggestions to solve it. Based on the results, draft a proposal for a year-long student-led volunteer project addressing the most popular issue. You can also use Twitter polls if your chapter or council has a large Twitter following!

Support the Cause.
Choose a charity and/or local or national cause and donate service hours or time to support it; consider also spreading awareness of the cause within your community.

Leadership Wall.
Create a “wall of leadership” where student leaders begin posting their acts of leadership and challenge their fellow students to do the same.

Use the Raising Student Voice & Participation program and hold a schoolwide discussion to address students’ most pressing issues.

Take Charge of Your School Climate

NSLW is also a great opportunity for your council or chapter to take charge of building positive school culture. Here are some you might consider:

Class Competitions.
Host competitions for food collection drives, with the winning class earning a special treat like a pizza or doughnut party.

Spirit Rally.
Why limit the spirit to homecoming activities? Have a pep rally just because! Bring the entire school together in the gym for music, lip sync battles, dance, and cheering from your cheer squad. Let your imagination run wild and think how your council or chapter can take the lead in building cohesiveness among all students.

Dress-Up Days.
Designate a different type of apparel each day to add positivity to the week, for example, color days, ugly sweater days, favorite sports team days, etc.