Promoting the Week

Here are ways you can help spread the word about NSLW.

School Media Coverage.
Plan NSLW event coverage in the school newspaper, yearbook, and school social media posts. Mix inspirational quotes with activity posts/tweets. Our social media toolkit page provides posts you can save and use on your social media channels. Make sure you include #NSLW1019 in each post!

Local Media Coverage.
Use our press release template to notify local media outlets. (Ask your principal if there’s a special procedure for contacting media in your district.) Consider trying to get your mayor to issue a proclamation about NSLW and include that in your press release. Use our mayoral proclamation template to help.

Newspaper Column.
Write a special NSLW column in the school newspaper about using leadership to effect positive change, presenting ideas for students on how they can be “Student Leaders: Taking Charge.” Get ideas from the National Student Project Database.

Create a dedicated taking charge page on your school’s website. Update it with school and/or student leadership projects.

Get student leaders together to try to create a meme for taking charge to share with the rest of the student body so they can identify acts of leadership in their community on social media.

Video Diary.
Identify a local organization where all the students can use their student voice to take charge at least two times during the month. Then make a video diary of their activities and post it on social media with #NSLW2019.