State Summits

State Summits offer NHS and NJHS members hands-on experiential leadership development at its best… and closer to home!

State Summits are designed to unlock the potential of participating students by providing a shared space to learn, grow, and explore ideas together. Each iteration of the program is unique, with student voice and interactions creating the atmosphere and guiding the conversations in each room. Student members of National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society from across a host state or within driving distance of an event are invited to participate.

During this single-day program, an experienced faculty will guide students through activities and exercises. Breakout sessions challenge participants to have honest conversations about scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship, while encouraging the students to see themselves and their peers as leaders, change agents, collaborators, supporters, and innovators. Throughout the day, students are empowered to discover and articulate their passions, identify needs in their schools and communities, rally others behind causes or ideas, listen to and learn from their peers, and take steps toward leaving their mark on the world.


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