What is a State Summit?
The State Summit is a one-day program, open only to NHS and NJHS members. The day is designed to cultivate empowerment and leadership for student attendees. The interactive nature of the day leads students toward developing an action plan they can take back to their school or community for implementation.

What happens during a State Summit?
State Summits are designed to unlock the potential of participating students by providing a shared space to learn, grow, and explore ideas together. Each iteration of the program is unique, with student voice and interactions creating the atmosphere and guiding the conversations in each room. Student members of National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society from across a host state or within driving distance of an event are invited to participate.

Who can attend?
This is a program exclusively for NHS and NJHS members, who may attend with an adviser. There must be one adviser/faculty chaperone per every 10 students in attendance.

What is the attendance capacity?
To provide an engaged and intimate experience for attendees, State Summits are purposely limited in their seating capacity. Typically, each State Summit will have a maximum capacity of 300 attendees. Since State Summits have become so popular and each one has reached capacity quickly, it is important for chapters to register their members quickly once registration opens.

How do I register my chapter to attend?
Advisers will be sent an email notifying them of registration opening. To prepare to register, advisers should have the following information ready:

  • student attendee names
  • dietary needs
  • their adviser login credentials

Why did some of my students not get placed in the leadership competency or state-based issue I requested during registration?
Some issues or competencies may be overcapacity, so at times, students will need to be reassigned to other issues or competencies to balance out representation in each area. Your understanding and cooperation of this matter are appreciated.

If my school is not located in a state where a State Summit is held, can I still register?
Chapters from contiguous states may attend. Please understand that the guest speakers and state-based issues will be specific to the host state.

My school is not affiliated with NHS or NJHS, but we’d like to attend a State Summit. Can we?
State Summits are offered exclusively to schools affiliated with the National Honor Societies. Your school can start a chapter by visiting this webpage for NHS or this webpage for NJHS. Since State Summit registration is first come, first served, we cannot guarantee space will be available after completing the affiliation process, however.

Will State Summits return to the same state(s) each year?
In striving to reach as many states as possible, the State Summit program does not intend to return to the same location yearly. However, multiple sites in or across larger states will be considered for future programming.

How many State Summits will be conducted each academic year?
The national staff anticipates up to six summits per year.